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Pardon me, for not blogging frequently and forgive me for being missing in action. My reasons? I haven't found any inspiration to blog, occasionally experiencing a writer's block. Furthermore, my english vocab/ grammar is getting the best of me (thanks to the long holiday). Plus, I'll be enrolling in a polytechnic, which means there won't be any GP/ english lessons which would make things a whole lot worse. So for the remaining holiday I have, I will try to read the papers and books (unfortunately they don't interest me as much as they used to in the past - shit, another tell-tale sign my english is deteriorating).

School would start in April and I have chosen Mass Communications, and I hope that this choice I have made is right, and would be a stepping stone to what I would like to do in the future (fashion). People are wondering why I didn't choose a fashion-related course right now, it's because my family would forbid me to take up ANYTHING related to fashion (they don't think it'll get me the income or even get me far, also I am afraid to specialize in just an area, because what if I don't want to work in the fashion industry just yet? or can't get a fashion-related job? So yes, I've taken the general media route, hoping to gain some experience before stepping into the fashion industry.

Do you think I made the right choice? Guess only time will tell.

PS any book recommendations? ;)


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