Saturday, January 31, 2009

Graffiti and confetti

I love its pink eyelids. Lovely.

Caught red-handed peeling the orange. Hehe.

To think I'm totally unable to read a single chinese charater, I figured this out - chun feng song.

Lastly, it's time to party and get drunk.

I don't know why or how
but I might've fallen for you.

Friday, January 30, 2009


I feel so not myself today. Like I'm having ten different people in me. Thousands of different expressions. Millions of different reactions. Gazillions of different emotions. Wtf is wrong with me? Other than that, today was great I guess. For some reasons. God, seriously. I think I need to visit some doctor or something, cause now I'm feeling really hyper deep in me and lovesick (I really don't know why). Next minute, I bet I'll be totally depressed and feeling crappy. This always never fail to happen to me.
Let's run through what happened today. Math was alright, I thought I was gonna flunk the common test. Science was as frustrating as ever. I can never do chem, sucks. Skip pw, chinese and english. History, we probably didn't do anything much. Some smart asses went up to the front of the class to write their statements on the board. Damnit, manoj's gonna be a lawyer. And I'm gonna be a fashion designer. (: HMT was the time some molecules in me got mixed up with someone else's. Now I don't feel like elaborating. Ugh, why is my life so screwed up? I just can't wait for tuesday's choir welcome party. The word party excites me. Now I'm literally jumping up and down. Woo-hoo, PARRRRRRRRRRRRR-TAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Opportunities rarely knock on the door twice

Should I got for the creative writing seminar thing? I mean, I do love writing, but for five days and bunking over for like four nights (all writing) is totally insane. But, but.. Gosh, I don't know! Half of me wants to, but the other half doesn't.
I don't have a personal picture. All mine are goofy and crap. I don't have 5 portfolios and I don't think I can complete two by tomorrow. This is like all so rushed. And if I do wan to join this, I need to complete all my homework asap then start on a story. Or two.

So everyone sort of knew I was gonna be chosen. This is so unfair. I don't feel that deserving to be selected and so. I feel I suck in writing. Well, for my creative writing portfolio for school. Boohoo. And yes, the moment mr niu called out my name, I went totally shit. Shitty shitty shit. Oh shit. So now what? Anyway, the class party was insane. The not-so-nice part is the class photo. I hate photos. Sosososososososososososososososososososo? I think I'm going. I think. Well, depends too if most of the chosen ones are going.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Russian Roulette is not the same without a gun

Ok, actually I've got 500 not 600. If you guys are wondering what the hell I'm talking about, it's about red packets. I know, major whoa. And I'm not gonna spend it away like zeyang. -.- Crap spending 300 bucks on computer games. Me on the other hand, saving 400 for college. Go Parsons! *uses finger to circluate an angel halo on head* Ok, so hm. Today was frustrating for some reason. Bad hair day. Ugh, that's what you get for going condition-less for like a day. Damnit, I hate the bathroom with the bathtub, cos there's not a single conditioner there. So pissed off. And now I realized I may be broke in a couple of days cos I'm gonna get this polariod cam which would cost 150$. Insanity, but I mean seriously. I think polariods are awesome. After blowing that, I'm actually suppose to save for forever21 and perhaps topshop(STUDSSSSS, PRINTSSSS, AWESOMENESS). Shit. I'm such a bad planner, like wtfh damnit. Boohoohoo. I need your help: Forever21 or polariod?
Lady gaga. She's awesome. Katy too. (:

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dreaming wide awake


We're having pizza for dinner. Woohoo! *dances around the room like an idiot* And I'm totally into batwinged tops. One word for both of them - awesome. I just love chinese new year. Cos you won't be able to get scolded and all for whatsoever mess you got yourself into or if you had too much candy. But the best part for most teens is the red packets. Which means for me, more forever21. One coincidental thing that happened this year is that, both anisha and my dad's birthdays fall on chinese new year. Like whoa, and bad point about this is that I was near forgetting that it was their birthday. Booper.

Happy Birthday Dad. (:

Monday, January 26, 2009

Studded Moo Year

What you can do with the latest f21 pyramid stud bracelet - a bracelet, a choker and a headband. Strike out the headband idea, cos it's a tad too short. Maybe you could give it a try for some toddler. I'm thinking for chinese new year, the only three great things are the ang paos, the food (I meant eating and then end up getting sick), and having to spent more time with your family and relatives.
And I've got this thing for you guys: What would you do, if you fall in love with your best friend (of course the opposite sex, unless uh.. *cough*)?
I can't believe you're 14, damnit man. You may be old (haha, think old grammas) but I still love you alot. (:

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Self Inflicted

Well, today's gonna be a super duper fluper wuper kuper luper fun day! I'm guessing, cos I'M GOING ON AN ADVENTURE! Like I know, omgzxc. I'm going out with anisha and we're gonna head to borders, then try to search for this awesome bookstore called BooksActually. According to some people, they have vintage items and polaroid camerasssss! I'm hyperventilating over that thought. Wooohoooey. Currently, I'm blog-hopping. Not to mention bored stiff. I'm waiting (impatiently) for the clock to strike 10.30, cos then the shops will be opened, I hope. I still haven't gotten anisha a pressie and thank god there's Times at anchorpoint. Ok, bad thing. I feel moody now. Maybe it's just the song.. Oh and bad news, is everything going to be only opened till 2pm today??? Oh my gosh. Plan A, B, C, D failed. Damnit.

Unbelievable, but trust me, this pair of soccer boots cost 9999 dollars. Made up of carbon-fibre. A cheaper alternative - cut your dad's car. Great excuse too.

Ciao folksy, I'm gonna start texting Mr President of United States. Hehe. And I'm trying to think of a back up plan Z.



I just came back. Ok, uh fine. About like an hour plus ago. My feet is hurting hell lot, stupid wedges. It must be too low. Anyway, ani and I hung out around orchard. Met up at wisma, headed to takashimaya's macs for lunch then we tried our luck at gramaphone cos I desperately wanted my twilight soundtrack and lady gaga. But, it was out of stock. Damnit. So I did my last minute chinese new year shopping. Weird thing was, the place wasn't like jammed with everyone squished like sardines. It's chinese new year eve! Hello, anyone care to be a little more in the festive mood and start going around the whole singapore and party. Massive. I don't want to get into the details, so blah blah blah.. and I got my albums in the end. THANK GOD FOR HMV! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Unfortunately, I just found out the twilight soundtrack ain't that nice. Eek.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Just goofin' around

I've got gazillions of pictures crammed in my camera. And it's way too much to post all of 'em I took today in just a single post. Sadly, I couldn't go out with anisha and kim today. Kim was busy, and I had this last minute thing. Maybe tomorrow. I can't believe I lied that I completed most of my homework. I seriously can't concentrate. I need forever21.

On the truck was this SUPER HEAVY sticker. I started cracking up, and I bet some of you guys might know why. I feel so bad.

And this is when I started to become anti-homework and goofy all of a sudden.

Somehow, I got inspired by this feet smiley thing. I guess it was some childhood memory flashback.


If you guys are wondering, this is the nail polish I'm currently using.

Goodbye, with love.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Girls just wanna have fun

After staring at the pictures for a really long time, I've decided to get black eyeshadow. And paint my nails purple (substitution for black). I've got my blood red lipstick already, so I'll give that a pass. Ok, hang on. Should I paint my nails pink, red (rad) or purple for the chinese new year week?
Negative points - piles of homework to be done during the cny week which is actually only like four pathetic days (damnit, or maybe three, cos I'm going out tomorrow), ummm.. not having a long period of time to have my nail polish on (boohoo D:), practicing syf songs, and that's pretty much all. Main point is, it won't seem like a holiday break much. Plus I bet after all the celebration, festive mood, I won't want to come back to school. I'm sure about that. Anyway, shoot. I haven't got anisha a birthday present!!!!!!!!! Like ohmyfishgod. I hate eugene too, have I mentioned? One weird thing, I (L) choir practice today. I have no idea why, but I wished every choir practice was like today's. Prediction, I'm gonna be really emo and depressed again later tonight. Damnit, why won't it go away?
Girls just wanna have fun. I just wanna have fun. What's wrong with my fashion sense? Boohoo. I fucking hate my gramma. She disapproves of everything (mostly shoes) I buy. I hate here, totally. She's classical ugh, I'm classical eccentric country edgey rock and weird. I don't give a shit. Anyone interested in trading grammas?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Topshop SS09

The 'later' post. Topshop. I just love it, and I bet I can say 'I love topshop' like a gazillion times over and over again, cos it's totally.. awesome. The rope overlay thing, amazing, but I don't think I can pull off the look. I especially love the uk flag inspired blazer, studded jeans, well practically all of what the right model is wearing. Oh god, I think even after hours, I'm still squealing and gushing over all the latest clothes from topshop.

Movin' on. School wasn't all that bad, nor that great too. Boring I guess. And shoot, I don't think I can sing for cny celebration tomorrow. My mouth hurts. Like uclers and numbness. I think I accidentally bit my tongue and mouth too much. Damnit ouch.

I feel freaking antisocial again. This feeling never fails to overwhelm me. I gotta get to school by 0630hours tomorrow. Choir. No silver nor gold eyeshadow. Throat hurts like shit (and when I mean shit, it hurts like it's hell, torture, and crying your eyes out). Foundationless. Cranky. Depressed. Emotional. Too much thoughts running in my mind. Breaking down. Crashed, and burnt alive. Unorganized. Complication. Birthday pressie for anisha. My mind feels like blowing up into small little fragments and pieces. Blow up right now, won't you. I need to put my mind at ease. Maybe a good night sleep would help, but I know it wouldn't. I'm sorry, to be taking this out on everyone reading this. I truly am.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

11:00am ET

I'm still in search of the perfect nude patent wedges/ heels. Maybe selena should sell if off ebay or something. :B Plus the dress while you're at it.

Today was really seriously extremely tiring. I was pratically feeling drowsy throughout the whole science period. We had this rehersal for chinese new year celebration today after school under the hot scorching sun. The choir crew are supposingly suppose to put on make-up on friday. Like !?#*^&$#*&?#! I am so not gonna have make-up on with the choir tee and school skirt. It's like so weird. As in seriously, it'll look awfully funny. I think I'll call in sick on friday. Ugh, the thoughts of having make-up on irks me. Surprise math test tomorrow, I'm guessing. Dang. And today, Obama made history!

Oh and. This song is clinging onto my memory. It kept on playing over and over again in my mind in school. I feel so depressed today, as usual. Sorry for the unclarity of the video, cos apparently, the worser its clarity, the faster the song loads. Weird.

Without You - Hinder

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lara Stone

It's no lie that (L) Agy and Coco. But now, the latest addition is Lara Stone. I mean, she's awesome - her long wavy blonde hair, and a little gap between her two front teeth (ok, I'm not a fan of that, but some people are). According to Wiki, Kate Moss has a small frame, compared to most every other models towering at 172 plus cm. Well well well, now my aim is so 170cm. So that if I ever meet Kate Moss, I'll be the same height as her!

Unbelievably, I wasn't tired today. I actually wrote like a chunk of stuff, but my dad just had to pull off the internet connection and my post wasn't fully saved. But who cares, I forgot and don't really bother to type cos I haven't done nor handed in the he coursework. I'm so dead. Gosh. Anyway, happy birthday to wudi and I'm sorry to keyang and some other people who I told that the test was about direct and inverse proportion. Cause I thought you guys were good little kids who would study the whole chapter instead. My bad. D: And, I don't think I can memorize the chinese song by tomorrow. I can't even do chinese. I'm double dead meat. I don't wanna come to school on friday, boohoo.
I'm actually secretly in love with you,
Cos everything that you do
Got me spinning and feeling like such a fool.

Monday, January 19, 2009


I've wandered off aimlessly over the whole singapore (fine, art friend and spotlight) to find my pyramid studs for some DIY thing. And this is too much for me to handle - a person who spent days, weeks and years (!!!) to find my studs, and now a pair of killer studded sandals pops up right on my screen (you're so lucky Rumi) . It's hell I'm telling you. Apparently, I have not got over the frenzy of studs yet. Still looking for the perfect studded clutch and bag/tote. My dad thinks studs are horribly gross and I'm so against that. He's horrible. But one bad thing. Studs and the color black usually causes me to look really emo and like.. gothic? So I'm thinking to keep the number of studs pretty low.
I don't feel like talking about today cos usually my life contains one word - suck. Yes, today did suck. Chinese presentation, not so good after all. The teacher just had to show the comic strip didn't he. The explosive one, where this stick guy starts to go all, "Hehehe," and blew up a house. Not funny. And I practically mumbled the words and no one could hear me. Plus, me and the teacher played tug-of-war and after he won (the prize is putting my personal comic strip under the visualizer for everybody to see), I stumbled back to my seat. My hands were like freezing cold and my legs were jellized (no such word, but I don't care). Science and english was boring. Not to mention ICT. Choir practice's tomorrow, I fear it due to the seniors killing us. I haven't spoken to Mr Phua and Mr Goh yet. I'm dead meat.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Misery business

Someone, please tell me why do I feel like shit today? Why I still feel like some sore loser. Why I still feel some regret deep down in me. Why the fuck am I still alive. I'm sorry to take it out all on the blogging world, and on you guys reading my blog. I don't feel like going to school now. Oh god, I feel so low. I feel my guts is going haywire and tangled up, my heart's on fire and being stabbed over and over again, my mind's filled with regrets. I don't know about what, but it's to the guy who's pissed off with me. Hating me. Detesting me. Alot. I'm really sorry, but what you're doing to me now is hell. I can't live my life. I'm dying. I know you are too, but at least forgive me. I know you guys must be thinking what the hell am doing, I apologizing so much, cos it's complicated. I don't know why I'm feeling a little dizzy over love songs, at the same time dizzy over songs full of sorrow and regret. Maybe I'm feeling a little of both.
I need someone to pick me off the ground, to help me heal, to fix my life. I hope going to a kid's birthday party would help. Like some sort of pill that'll make you forget your sorrows and worries for a while, but it's never gonna have that effect forever. I feel so tired these days, even though after like 10 hours of sleep. Maybe it ain't helping me to add up the lack of sleep I usually have during weekdays, about 5 or 6 hours. It feels like some sort of minor hangover or something. But with my screwed up life outta control, it's even worse.

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