Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last day of 2011

How time flies - it felt like yesterday that 2011 had just started, but today we're all preparing to usher and welcome another brand new year. 2011 was the year where so much have happened - I've learnt from experiences, grown distant from people, grown closer to others etc and it has been amazing, no matter how bad the year has been.

We all go through ups and downs everyday in our lives, we just have to embrace our mistakes and pick ourselves up when we fall.

We are only young once, and we only have one life, so live your life to the fullest, because I'd rather regret things I've done than to regret not doing things.

Have a wonderful day today and I will see you all next year. x

Thursday, December 15, 2011


How have you been? It's been long, and I haven't been posting lately and regularly because I've been occupied with my part time job, and that my desktop is down (I'm blogging and surfing the net with my brother's Macbook). Speaking of my desktop being down, it's been down for a week or two, and I still haven/t fixed it because I'm such a tech noob. I think I gotta dismantle the CPU and change the hard drive or something but I'm not entirely sure...

A side note: I'll be travelling to Jakarta, Indonesia with my friends this Saturday and will be back Wednesday...I'm pumped!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Work last night was so fun, although tiring. Made some new friends. The perk of working night shift? We got to try out some of the dishes :-)

I think night shift > afternoon shift. Night shift again tonight and I'll be seeing the same co-workers I worked with last night so....YAY!!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

All I want for Christmas is...

We're 16 days away from Christmas day and it doesn't hurt to dream of what one would like for Christmas, wouldn't it?

Here is my annual Christmas wish list for 2011...*drum rolls*

1. DVDs of all the seasons of Supernatural, because I'm in love with Sam and Dean Winchester

2. Black converses, as I would like to have a converse shoe collection and what better way to expand it by purchasing one every year (it makes it even more special)

3. A fixed computer. I've not fixed up my computer by purchasing a new hard drive for a week now (yes, I've lived a week without a computer and it is horrible...)

4. At least 12 points for O level (please? I've been pretty nice this year)

5. A Nerf gun - no explanation needed

6. Books, any interesting ones, just throw it at me. If they are terribly good I will love you for life. Speaking of books, I've yet to read George Martin's A Game Of Thrones which I bought before the O level...

7. Sweaters. God, I am such a sweater lover...I don't care if the weather is awfully hot and humid in Singapore - my love for sweaters will never die

8. Varsity jackets - would like to collect them like how I'm collecting converses

9. Ray bans (still thinking whether I should because knowing the person I am...I'll most likely break it)

10. To meet the Shaytards family and Charles and Allie from CTFxC (I watch their daily vlogs daily, religiously)

Last but not least...

11. Jay McGuiness...or any hot/ cute single British/ American guy for all that matters. Or just Jay, that'll definitely do ;)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Straight from the heart: part one

Honestly speaking I am afraid. Deathly afraid, of the future. I know I've talked about this a couple of times, but it's something that is bound to happen sometime or another and it's pretty much inevitable. You can't actually stop and go back in time or whatsoever.

What I've learnt, as the days goes by and you grow older you have so much more responsibilities and shit to deal with...which obviously sucks but everyone has to go through. Bills, payments, housing, mortgage, travel all that you gotta deal with.

Maybe I'm starting to worry a lot because I've started working as a part timer. God, even working part time is already tough, and I don't even know how I'm gonna pull through being an adult working full time and being committed for years. Before landing myself a job, I still have to go to college etc and get myself educated and prepared.

College fees are getting more expensive and so are tuition fees. People with degrees find it difficult to get jobs. In this situation, I have absolutely no clue how the hell I will be able to survive in this world, where money makes the world go round. Times like this when I wish that things were much simpler, and that we have nothing to worry about, but that's impossible.

I'm just so deathly afraid....

(to be continued)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

I only miss you when I'm breathing

Starting work on Monday, excited yet nervous at the same time! Definitely can't wait though, beats having to rot at home from boredom or spend tons of $$$ shopping because I'm bored doing nothing at home. With a part time job, I can gain experience, earn a lil' money and kick the habit of hardcore, senseless shopping (well, sort of) - it's like killing two birds with a stone :-)

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