Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Last of November

I'm currently blogging from Victoria Junior College, watching a two hour long choir concert. Fingers crossed that I can endure 'cos I've been having choir practice in the afternoon and now it's this.

On a side note, to the band folks: have a fun and safe trip to Hong Kong and don't check in your instruments into the wrong flight ;)

PS something terribly funny happened during our journey getting to the college. As we were unsure of our new environment, we got off the bus thinking that it was our stop, however it wasn't and the passengers (also attending the concert) signalled to us that we were at the wrong stop and there were a few stops more. Then we scurried back onto the bus looking like fools. Such an embarrassing incident..I think everyone on the bus were like,"WTF?" and thought we were lost souls or something. Humiliating but an unforgettable experience with my fellow choir members.

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