Sunday, May 22, 2011

Judgement day's 12.49am here. I don't actually entirely believe in the end of the world (perhaps just 49%) but I guess you'll never know. The "end of world" situatuion always gets me thinking..what if tomorrow was your last day/ you only had one day to would you spend the 24 hours?

If tomorrow was my last day, I'll wake up and let my family know that I love them, call my friends and remind them that they mean the world to me, have bens & jerrys for breakfast, pizza for lunch, sushi for dinner. Finally, I would want to have my family (and friends) with me, and together we will build a campfire and have s'mores together.

How would you spend your final day? Leave your comments x

PS that awkward moment when the world is suppose to end, but it doesn't - hahahaha

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Anonymous said...

I would spend my day pretty much the same as yours.I would call my closest friends and spend my afternoon with a last outing with them.I would also do things that I never dared to do before.

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