Saturday, May 7, 2011

You won't find faith or hope down a telescope

I think I have to get into a junior college. I'll be screwed if I don't. I'll be letting both sides of my family down (because they all are expecting me to choose and study hard to get into a JC). I know I'm not suppose to be living for others, but I'm only a teenager and I depend on my family at this age. It's only a few more years right? If I get into a junior college and excel (fat chance), that's a year lesser spent wasting my lifeline away? Priorities, priorities - family's > my own.

I always put others before myself, I need to start voicing out MY own wants..but not yet, not just yet.

I'm scared. Now I'm doubting myself, I'm doubting if I'm open for the adventure and thrill to leave everything behind and go to a new country without my family. I'm doubting if I'm ready.

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