Saturday, September 3, 2011

H&M Singapore

It's crazy how people have started queueing for H&M's opening at 2pm yesterday. I was anticipating for this very day, thinking that I'd be unable to fall asleep the night before and waking up early like the hardcore fans but I was wrong.

I had a good night sleep.

I woke up at 10am...and I've not headed down to town to check out the new store...yet.

Maybe soon, because from the pictures on twitter, it seems like the interface of the place is similiar to the one I visited in Hong Kong, and I would very much like to relive that moment where I first stepped into H&M (I can never and will never forget).

I'm just praying and keeping my fingers crossed that it wouldn't be crowded when I head down on a weekday. Maybe to beat the crowd at the next level, I'll be there at 10am on the dot. (Ha! Beat that..okay don't, seriously.)

The excitement is gradually coming back into my system... Can't wait for the weekend to be over! Can't wait to head down to the store!


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