Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tomorrow I'll be gone

Something unbelievable happened today.. well two things I guess.

2. I cycled all to way to changi beach from east coast park

Ok, well my brother's friend had this birthday celebration at ecp, so I led the way (I mean road, or way, or road.. whatever) there with my gramma driving.. and stayed there till the evening, skipping tuition. I can't believe my gramma allowed us to do so, as in like, MY GRANDMOTHER. She had never ever allowed (and I'm sure never will) let us skip any classes and I'm still recovering from the shock and amazement.

About the cycling to changi beach thing, I AM POSITIVE THAT I AM SAYING THE TRUTH. Seriously. I did and I sure have proof. And that while cycling back to ecp, we got caught in the rain and didn't care but continued to cycle. The rain subsidised after like three minutes or so and we were completely drenched. Thank god for zip lock packs, if it weren't for those, I think I would've needed to purchase a new camera and cellphone.

I need to get shoes.. well, that was irrelevant.

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