Sunday, July 26, 2009

You make me smile like the sun, dizzy in my head


I'm back from indonesia and quarantined. Sucks so much, I'm barely coughing = (hint) not sick at all = (hint) allow me to get back to school. I'll probably be rotting away at home, with homework having to be given to me. Sorry timothy (sixth time, so stop making me feel guilty). Sorry those who have to help me with my homework and lecture notes.

Moving on.. indonesia was good.. except that I was a complete idiot over there cos I (or we) couldn't speak bahasa indonesia and ugh it was so frustrating. I had to wait for freaking 15 minutes to get just a piece of waffle cos bahasha-speaking people could comunicate with the waffle dude fluently and they cut the queue. Damn.

PS why isn't blogger working? everything seems to be breaking down on me :(

How was school anyway?

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