Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Things are not always as they seem

I've been having bruises and cuts and all sort of insane injuries lately, and yesterday I went out for dinner thus I didn't have any time to blog. Recently, I don't have much to blog about so it doesn't make any much of a difference, cause I think I'll most probably fill the posts up with tons of pictures and colors. I think I need suggestions on topics I should blabber about when I'm out of ideas.. especially during times when my brain is the size of a pea.. yes, my pea-brain moments. It's also the time where I have to decide what to do with my growing tresses.. again.

Anyway, I'll stop my rattling here. Sorry for the no-photos post today.. and my words which I think are putting you guys in the 'I-am-so-bored-already-yet-this-girl-posting-this-post-today-is-boring-me-further' mood. I didn't mean to do so.

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