Thursday, December 10, 2009

Good morning hong kong

Day 1/2/ - Shen Zhen, China:
Landed in airport and we took a car (not cab) to our hotel. We settled then had lunch at this random noodle stall (which was gross because the noodles were, and they sucked big time). So we walked for hours and hours in this bugis-village-like-but-way-bigger place. The people were so fucking rude and pushy, seriously. I kept on apologozing when I bumped into anyone (and everyone), but they were like push push push. Like what the fuck you guys aren't giving birth okay, stop pushing and be nice. Day 2 we went to.. this IT mall and yes, walked for the entire day again. The result was having to lug handphones and stuff back to the hotel. The handphones suck here too, but there were ones with this really cool application (which I won't tell you cos it's an app that's good to prank call - teehee).

Day 3/4 - Macau, Hong Kong
Spent half of day 3 in shen zhen, and at took the 3.30pm ferry to macau. I really hate boat rides, it makes me so nauseous. Macau was.. breathtaking? The second day we visited this church ruin thing, and there were freaking tombs. Fucking cool. Took the 5pm ferry to hong kong.

Will post when I get back to the room tonight (maybe if I have time). We're going to ocean park and disneyland. I'm thinking of a good excuse to persuade my uncle not to go to disneyland cos I heard it isn't that good. PS I forgot to bring along my usb cable, so no pix till I'm back in Singapore..

**Edit: Ocean park was FUCKING AWESOME. I still can't locate all the H&M stores. Oh bloody !@#$%^&*()?#@!. :(

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