Thursday, December 17, 2009

Santa baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight

Christmas Eve's only a week away, and that's the day I sort of celebrate christmas. It's a kind of traditional thing with my mom, dad and their friends plus kids. We gather, have fun, chit chat, catch up on each other's lives and enjoy food. Not ever to forgot presents. It's probably really hard to find and purchase the perfect present for teenagers (personally, my view too) cos you'll never know what goes on in the mind of theirs (and mine).

So well, santa, my christmas list's really not a lot if you've taken a look and I've been an angel all year - eating all my veggies, doing times table on time (not, oops) and you know other stuff that counts.. but next year I could be just as good if you check off my christmas list.

1. Brogues - these or these

2. The Teen Vogue Handbook

3. Pink Converses

4. Trainer shoe boots

5. Fuji film instax mini 7 (white)

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