Friday, December 18, 2009

See, I'm a wreck inside

No one's perfect. People envy other's lives because they think it's so much better, but thinking isn't the real deal. Some had thought my life is completely perfect but that's on the outside, no one's going to know the actual inside thing going on and that my life is actually shattering. Sometimes it's just so screwed up. Times like this makes me mad and want to never ever be born into this world. Parents say that you're some sort of useless bum who laze around everyday. Shouldn't they have thought about it before bearing the full responsibility of raising you? Were they never like us before? Were they so good that they had never done anything rebellious? If that's so I think it's complete bull. Genes are for a purpose, that's why you're your parents' kid, not some other stranger's. You are you because of your parents, so it's not entirely your fault if you suck at something is it?

PS Sorry I've been feeling really crappy all week and I just wanted to have a say in something. Please don't use any nonsensical shit that I've type above into your future arguments with your parents. Seriously do not. It's a warning.. and that I do not want to be the influencer, which I'm not and will not be.. yet.

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