Saturday, December 26, 2009

I've been dreaming of a white christmas

I am feeling good today even though it was a terribly exhausting day, so exhausting that I'm too lazy to summarize everything, but.. guess what?? I finally got myself the pair of pink converses!! 'Cept right now, I think they're a tad bit small so I'll try my luck to exchange for a bigger size without the receipt (cos it's with my friend - boohoo). Forget the lazy to summarize part. I'll probably type a lengthy piece of essay of today anyway.. or not.. definitely not. Both my arms (fingers included) and feet are aching. It was something like queensway -> town -> vivo -> town -> somewhere -> home. I realized that I've been coming home pretty late (is after 11pmish considered late?) for the past few days. Well, better enjoy and live the last week of the holiday to the max.

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