Thursday, January 21, 2010

Nothing like you

School's still alright, although secondary 3 life's pretty.. hectic and crazy (homework every single day w/o fail). Thank god this week's going to end real soon (just another long day more to go - friday). Weekends are like a breath of fresh, sweet air to me currently as they are the only days I can just chill out and not worry about school. It's like a piece of heaven in hell.

Anyway, I can't believe camp's just next week! I'm so jumpy about it, but not looking that forward to coconut tree climbling (bullshit). I hope everything goes well.. (ie. no dead rats, insects or whatsoever in the hostels + no mean kids/ teachers + not getting scolded and all that shit).

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liana said...

clever photo. love.
camp? that sounds like fun.

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