Friday, September 4, 2009

I'm not even breaking.. yet

I can't believe the september holiday is near and that I feel I've got a time-bomb ticking away in me cos I'm gonna turn 14 really soon. THE BIG 14 (GOING ON 40). I mean seriously, I felt like july was still just yesterday. Tomorrow's this english quiz's gonna take place. I'm so scared and nervous, and scared, and nervous (well you get it don't you) that I think I'd peed in my pants (joking). Oh gosh bloop bloop bloop I'm so scared and nervous that I would really break down tomorrow if anything bad happens.. I'm even thinking of backing out at the last minute, but olivia's definitely gonna kill me for that. The teachers after that. Just.. fingers crossed I don't trip over anything onstage. I'm infamous for tripping and slipping considering I'm identified as a spokesperson for band aids (ha ha)

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