Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Forever & Always

I found this really really meaningful:
Life seems really artificial at times. It's like all the people around you seem to have a fake personality. You won't know what that person might do to you behind your back or even cause harm to you in future. They just pretend to be your friend but behind your back, they're someone else. And it's like the people we hang out with is not who they really are. They're just like a fake zombie, who just hangs out with you for the sake of it. But behind your back, they have a motive for everything and you won't know because you treat him/her like a real friend.

I seriously will never pretend to be anyone's friend. Friends are forever, unless something breaks them up. I would rather take all the blame and suffering and even die for those I love than have them to suffer even a tiny bit. I don't want to see my friends hurt, ever.

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