Friday, May 29, 2009

That's why my ex is still my ex

Today was seriously the most tiring day ever in my entire life, and my past life.. and my past past life. I had to run around to get paint, draw, sketch, trace and everything cuz I was the main designer figure.. which now I know why being important is nearly hell. So from 9.00AM till 6.00PM, we (or some/ or most/ or whatsoever cuz some had to leave earlier) were working our ass off. It was pretty worth it, from the final work of art.. and that this perhaps really bonded our class, but the bad point about this whole thing was that I thought I was gonna have cramps and muscle aches for the next week after painting four huge walls. K, I'm so bloody tired so I shall stop. I have to find my freaking cellphone USB cable so I can upload the pictures here..

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