Friday, June 12, 2009

Every second counts cuz there's no second try

Ok my legs are really sore cuz I've been walking for hours, days and weeks to find the perfect dresses for my uncle's wedding in july (which means I'll be skipping school for a day or so) from funan to raffles city (cos my brother talior made his suit somewhere around funan) and back again. I'm officially saying that I AM IN LOVE (like how I'm in love with the union jack bedspread above!). :-) You guys ought to know with whom/ what/ whatsoever. I'm gonna scribble it down in my diary, ha ha. Tomorrow I am going to the dentist, then my gramma will leave us in town while she heads to her friend's place for the latter's daughter's baby's first month till two-ish. Freedom! Now I feel like I'm 18 and I can do anything I want.. with only twenty in my wallet. :o

1 comment:

liana said...

yuum, like that bed spread.
ahh dentists, i kinda like going i have to admit. i like it when they numb you hahah.

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