Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just to see your face when you open the door

The teacher calls on you in class, but you haven't been paying attention, and the first thing that you blurt out is:
Huh?/ What?

What do you really think about where you live?

You're writing an essay for class, but you're listening to music, so you accidentally end up typing:
Um something else that isn't related to both the song and the essay topic

You fall and break your arm, you scream:
Damnit/ !%&$#@^&*?#!

What does your ex think about you?

You should get a bumper sticker that says:
Don't throw me a fucking tantrum

While high, you like to scream:
I don't scream, I just get real hyperactive, random and really jumpy

What do you say when you come home after a long trip?

You friend says she's got tickets to see your favourite band in concert, you say?
Please please please invite me if no one else wants to watch it with you, and if she agrees, I'll probably tell her how much I love her

What were your brother/sister's first words?

If you could make up a new country, part of your national anthem would be:
I don't know, I mean make me a country first then I'll think about it

Your mom tells you she's pregnant, you say?
Cool, izzit a male or female?

A good quote to put on your bedroom wall would be:
Death is a heartache no one can heal, love is a memory no one can steal

Someone asks you what you're doing, and you reply with:
Depends on what I'm doing and my mood too

Why do you spend so much time on the internet?
I like to procrastinate.. and blog, and tweet, and facebook, and read fashion blogs..

Your little cousin just won't stop bugging you, so you turn to him/her and shout:

Last night, you had trouble going to sleep because these words kept going through your mind:
Not words, pictures

What does your grandmother's secret tattoo say?
I doubt she has one.. it's SECRET, how would I know? -.-

You'd be embarrassed if your dad started randomly singing this:
I'll cringe, wither and die

Why isn't your crush your boyfriend/girlfriend?
Because I'm not famous/ I'm not into relationships/ I'm fearful of relationships, etc

The coolest tagline for a movie would be:

You're feeling like shit, and a friend asks you what's wrong, so you turn to him/her and say:
Ugh my life sucksssssssss (more s-es), then I slump onto the table and groan

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