Wednesday, June 24, 2009

You make me want to sit down and talk with you

Okay, I have to get this off my chest. And yes, it's about my height.. it ALWAYS leads back to the height thing, and the shoe size. My gramma's shoe size is US5, mom's US6, dad's about US9, uncle's US10 (I'm guessing 10), brother's US9.5.. My mom and dad are slightly taller than me, my uncle's about half a head taller than me, and my brother's like a cm taller (curse him!). I know people who are US size 7 and tall and it's like not fair. >:( Damnflabbit, but on the bright side my mom was like: "Now you're size 9, I wonder how big your feet will be when you grow fully," and that made me think, I'M NOT FULLY GROWN YET! I STILL CAN GROW. :-) I'll jump around in joy if I shot up 3.75 inches by the time I'm 14.. Please make that happen, savvy?

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