Thursday, June 25, 2009

A happy ending to a bad start

tChoir camp was awesome even though it was only for a day (or two, I think we're resuming tomorrow too). Even though I'm dead tired and with my legs aching like shit, I actually loved everything and every second of the camp, except the haunted house part. The seniors made the i-studio into sort of like a scary place, we had to crawl under tables which had black cloth laid over them and it was SO dark. The addition of obstacles (eg. seniors grabbing your leg and having the trailer of the grudge played in the background - read: screaming, real scary sounds) did not help.. I was near breaking down when I first entered the room (we had to do it one by one) and I was sitting at the entrance of the 'tunnel' for 2 minutes before one senior 'accompanied' me into the tunnel.. and they forced us to watch the trailer (which I TOTALLY DID NOT, obviously) and tried grabbing our legs again. We tried to do a haunted house especially just for the seniors but it failed. It was more to the fun side, not scary. I can't wait for tomorrow now.. we're gonna have a full-dress (I guess?) rehearsal too. :-)

Ps: I am so tired that I'm really really really moody and grumpy. I definitely do not want to complete homework. >:(

Pss: Sorry the photo uploader doesn't seem to be working right now

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