Friday, June 5, 2009

Her tears like diamonds on the floor

It's pretty unusual for me to miss a post for a day, it drives me nuts, insanely crazy and causes me to regret at times (but I'm usually more active on twitter.. it's addictive!) But it's just that these days nothing much has been going on in my life. I feel blank, I'm back to the idea of 'computers are not good for you, why not do something more useful like going to the library, read books, or create a masterpiece'. That's alot coming from someone who can't survive without internet for barely two days. I hope you guys would have a great weekend, of course I would (hopefully), with my baby sister's 2nd birthday just tomorrow.. perhaps I'll dedicate a post for her.

Ps: I caught hannah montana the movie yesterday and I'm back into the hannah montana craze.. but actually I was more concentrating on the clothes that she wore throughout the movie.. :p

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